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"Ok, I've Been Given Their ITE Scores—Now What?"

(Drake S, Baker-Genaw K, Morse W)

Henry Ford Hospital A Means of Improving Residents' In-Training Exam Scores with Minimal Faculty Time Prior research has suggested that approximately one-third of internal medicine residents that score below the 22nd to 35th percentile on an in-training exam will not pass the ABIM certification exam on their first attempt. In order to help prepare residents for their certification exam, the presenters have developed a web-based, faculty- mentored "directed reading program'' for at-risk residents using the learning objectives missed on their most recent ITE. Residents assigned to this program are required to review and submit five learning objectives per week to their assigned faculty mentor. Each objective takes approximately 20 minutes to review and submit. The faculty member spends approximately 30 minutes per week per resident reviewing learning objective reflections and providing feedback. The presenters will review the literature that was utilized to set thresholds for at-risk residents and demonstrate web-based evaluation and tracking system which maintains real-time monitoring of resident completion rate and facilitates electronic faculty feedback. They will present the percentile improvements on subsequent ITE exams (mean improvement of 22 percentile points) and discuss how this program can be pragmatically rolled out to other institutions.


Supervised Directed Reading Program

(Drake S, Kaatz S, Baker-Genaw K, Lukowski A, Rocco N, Caverzagie K, Morse W)

Due to a strong correlation between ITE score and passing the American Board of Internal Medicine Certification Exam, Henry Ford Hospital developed a supervised directed reading program for internal medicine residents who scored at or below the 35th percentile. The directed reading program is a supervised scheduled medical knowledge development program that focuses on ITE objectives. The program had a positive effect on individual’s percentile ranking and was seen positively by those who used it.


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Directed Reading was created to faciliate a structured reading process for internal medicine residents at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. The application was designed to support a learner-centered approach where residents were assigned specific objectives in content areas where they've demonstrated a potential weakness.